Tips For Avoiding Heat Exposure This Summer

When the weather heats up during the summer, it can be very easy to subject yourself to heat exposure if you are not careful – and because you will usually not realize how close you are to heat exposure until it strikes, you need to learn to take the proper precautions. If you are going to be spending time in the sun this summer – regardless of whether this will be by the pool, at a sporting event, on the golf course, or somewhere else – here are things to make sure you keep in mind in order to avoid heat exposure.

Heat exposure can occur in temperatures ranging from 80 degrees and higher, so even when it does not feel oppressively hot, you need to be aware of the risk, and the best way of all to chase away heat exposure is by drinking lots of water. Your body loses nutrients and water when you sweat, and these need to be replenished; if you are not replenishing the water in your body you will end up feeling dizzy, dehydrated, and sick – so keep water with you when you are outdoors, and drink plenty of it!

You also need to make sure you dress for practicality over looks; not to say that you cannot look good when you are outside, but remember that fewer layers will keep you from overheating, your clothes will absorb the sun a lot less (and will therefore keep you from overheating) if you wear light colors.

And if you start to experience a pale appearance, dizziness, tiredness, lightheadedness, nausea, or any of the other symptoms of heat exposure, you should take immediate action; get out of the sun right away, and hydrate slowly while staying on your feet.

Summer can be plenty of fun, and the heat can even be fun, as long as you are not subjecting yourself to risk; follow these tips, and you can avoid heat exposure while still enjoying the heat!


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